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Sometimes during our daily routines the things around us become a bit of a blur. It's an unintentional thing but it seems to happen to us all. This show is about bringing part of the background that is always around us into the foreground. The show is called The Art of the Background. It will feature the artists and the art that hangs in businesses, restaurants and public spaces in our community.

"I will be looking at various businesses in the area, and perhaps some in the neighboring communities." says gallery curator Chris Protas. "If a painting hangs on the same wall long enough it can become a part of the wall, and after awhile go unnoticed. The thought was, 'Let's put them in a new setting for awhile. They give life to their surroundings, so let's celebrate them, and the artists that made them.'"

Area businesses are invited to contact the gallery if they have a work of art that is on permanent display. Work that is selected will be accompanied by a description of where it came from and where it currently hangs during the show.

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The Art of the Background will open on Thursday March 29th from 6 - 9pm, with a gallery talk by Protas. Complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served. All public welcome.