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Works will be on display Oct. 12 - Nov. 3, every Wed, Fri and Sat, 12-6.

Steve Kurtz has the rare ability to develop several different skills simultaneously, without seeming to make a sacrifice in any of them.

Looking at his hand-made furniture and kayaks it is easy to appreciate his mastery of metal and woodwork, but his sculptures show his mastery over the expressive potential of those same materials, and remind the viewer of the artistry of the furniture and kayaks.

Looking at his 2-dimensional work it's easy to see a complete confidence and wide range of expression in the language of painting.

Mike Coleman, independent juror for Artwalk 2012 and former general manager of Harbor Restaurants: "In the 15 years I've known Steve, his passion and devotion for his art has not wavered, it has always been a primary focus".

"I think there's a humor to his work; some of the pieces seem to have some kind of function - but for what, who knows - or they give the impression that they once functioned." says gallery director Chris Protas.

One example, a fully articulated, mechanized animal with hydraulic joints, looks like it once ran on gas. Another piece is a walking machine that is made in a way that you are absolutely certain it functions. But Steve is so articulate with the concept and material that you wonder why he would use a pair of red Chuckies for its shoes.

"Steve Kurtz's artistic vision would be difficult to define, I don't think I would really try", says Protas, "I've never seen anything like it."

A graduate of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and a Grand Haven native, Steve Kurtz has been an artist all his life.