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Opens Thursday Dec. 6, 6-9pm with gallery talk at 7pm 

After party at The Grand, 9pm
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Whether DNA makes you think of character traits, physical appearance, where you've come from, or where you're heading, it's a complex topic. It's mystery holds the key to much of what we are, but how much?

The Fire Barn Gallery asks this question in a visual way with its newest exhibition "Artistic DNA - The Tradition of Art in a Family." Instead of looking at the traits normally associated with genetics, the exhibition asks the question, "What about the genetics of Art?"

The show presents artwork made over five generations within one native West Michigan family, the Loftis's. The Loftis family's affinity to art represented in this show spans almost a hundred years, from Beatrice Riordan in the 1920's, to the present day. The show hopes to capture some idea or feeling of a connection that runs through this group of work, and if successful, to ask the question, "What is it?" This question is for the artists involved as well as the public: Artistic DNA?

"I just got very interested in why creativity runs so strong in some families," says Chris Protas, gallery director, "its a big question, (where does one's creativity come from?) and my intention is only to ask. I'll leave the answering to people much smarter than me."

Participants include: Beatrice Riordan, Steve Loftis, Carole Loftis, Carmella Loftis, John Loftis, Chris Harjer, Connie Loftis, Debbie Otte, Dianne Engen, Jonah Harjer, Holle Janzen, Tyler Loftis, Allegra Loftis, Lindsey Norton, Steve Norton, and Willa Norton.

The work in this show spans 5 generations. The earliest is by Beatrice Riordan (1899-1928) whose painting of a vase of flowers dates from around 1920. There will also be examples of woodwork, ceramic, sculpture, pastel and photography.

The show opens Thursday Dec. 6, 6-9pm with complimentary wine & hors d'oeuvres and a gallery talk at 7pm.

An after party will be hosted by The Grand in downtown Grand Haven featuring music by Sound Is Red and Scott Pellegrom at 9pm with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cash bar.

Gallery hours through Dec. 15 are Wed, Fri and Sat, 12-6.