This was a gallery for 4 years. We had over 40 amazing shows of national and international artists. The same group now runs AAW. For any inquiries check out


Opens Thurs Dec 12, 6-9pm
With a gallery talk at 7pm

Our next show at the Fire Barn Gallery honors that special person in every artists life, their art teacher.

From the first years of kindergarten to the last years of graduate school, these people remain voices and inspirations in our lives as people and as artists.

This show celebrates their work.

The public is invited to write a brief paragraph about their own experience or remembrance of a special art teacher, and we will display the text in the hall of the gallery. Drop your text off at the DDA office at 20 North 5th Street during regular business hours, any time for the duration of the show.

The opening is Thursday Dec 12, 6-9pm with a gallery talk at 7pm. The show runs through Jan. 20th 2014.