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Opens Thursday April 17
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"Adam Dahlstrom has a temperament, and a name, that could be suited for a hockey player.  But he channels that intensity into his art with a precise poetry and draughtsmanship." - Chris Protas, gallery director.

This will be a retrospective of Adam's work, spanning 20 years.

Adam is well-known for a wide variety of approaches to making his work; seeing a lot of it in one room, it looks like an evolution, the stages of his development.  

But surprisingly he has worked simultaneously in these different voices since he began, never abandoning any of them.

They are distinct enough that it's possible to isolate them into categories: the grid drawings, the fine ball-point pen drawings, the cartoons, the abstracts…

Although he disagrees when being described as prolific, he has quietly created a massive archive of work that can be found in many collections.