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An exhibition from Brooklyn, NY
Projects in GH, GR, MKG

Opening at The Muskegon Museum of Art, July 1st, 6-7:30 pm
Opening in Grand Rapids at Richard App Gallery, July 2nd, 6 pm
And at LaFontsee Gallery, 7 pm
Opening in Grand Haven at The Fire Barn Gallery, June 30th, 6-9 pm

"How Art Describes Evolution as it's Happening"
with Naomi Lev, Kevin Buist, Mark Holzbach and Chris Protas

Chris Protas and the Fire Barn Gallery present, in collaboration with the Muskegon Museum of Art, LaFontsee Gallery and Richard App Gallery, "Preliminary Study: RSI-T (part 2)" curated by Naomi Lev.

This show originated at the SLAG Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, on exhibit from May 16 to June 10, 2014, and travels to West Michigan on June 30th.


Naomi Lev is a writer and independent curator from Tel Aviv who lives and works in New York City.  Her resume features museum and gallery exhibitions, interviews, panel discussions, and critical reviews in Israel and New York.  A regular contributor to ARTFORUM, Art in America, and BOMB site, she works especially with contemporary and international artists.

Fire Barn Gallery director Chris Protas brings Naomi’s latest project together in collaboration with three other West Michigan art institutions - The Muskegon Museum of Art, Richard App Gallery, and LaFontsee Gallery.  What was once one show in Brooklyn becomes four simultaneous and distinct experiences in West Michigan, woven together by one vision.

Lev will travel to West Michigan to talk at the openings, providing a valuable insight into the idea behind the show: RSI-T.

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. This is a condition that can develop from repetitive movements, and this show examines RSI in the context of new technology… computers, iphones, google glasses, to name a few.  According to Lev, this show is "a group exhibition comprised of art works that explore the effects of technology on the evolution of the body, and consequently, the mind."

“In the last decade, technology has appeared in our lives in an extremity that has never been experienced before. The outcome of our excessive use of mobile devices, computers, and other tools of communication is not yet thoroughly detected or observed.” - Naomi Lev

The Brooklyn show features painting, installation, and video art by artists Ann Oren (Brooklyn, NY), James Budds Dees (Philadelphia, PA), Dov Talpaz (Brooklyn, NY), I Ting Hou (Taiwan) and Javier Barrios (Norway.)

"We had the idea to take the collaboration a step further and invite a couple of West Michigan artists to participate in the show.  We are excited to add Mark Rumsey and Kevin Buist to the lineup." - Chris Protas.

Kevin Buist, Director of Exhibitions for ArtPrize, works in several media.  Mark Rumsey's installation work has been shown regularly around the world.

The 3 day event will culminate in a panel discussion titled "How Art Describes Evolution as it's Happening" hosted by LaFontsee Gallery at 7:30pm.  The public will have the rare opportunity to hear about the development of this show from curator Naomi Lev, in conversation with Kevin Buist of ArtPrize, technological entrepreneur Mark Holzbach, co-founder of Zebra Imaging, and Chris Protas as moderator.

The show opens on three consecutive nights in Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids, ending with a panel discussion hosted by LaFontsee Gallery at 7:30 pm, July 2nd.