This was a gallery for 4 years. We had over 40 amazing shows of national and international artists. The same group now runs AAW. For any inquiries check out

LAKELAND - 1958 - 2015


An organized platform for artists to connect with each other can mean the difference between an individual's decision to pursue art or to give it up.

The long standing presence of the Lakeland Artists has undoubtedly helped to shape the creative climate of West Michigan by providing this platform; it would be impossible to calculate the positive effects they have had over 5 1/2 decades.

Begun in 1958, the Lakeland Artists first president was Norma Green, who organized their first juried show in 1959, a tradition that continues annually to this day.  They have shown at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum, Grand Haven Community Center, and many other venues in the area.





This show is a tribute to the Lakeland Artists, and is an open call to anyone who has been a member.

If you own work by a Lakeland Artist that you would like to include please email by April 19th.

We also welcome written anecdotes, thoughts or stories anyone may have regarding their history, which we will hang in the hallway of the gallery.  The public can drop these off at the gallery during viewing hours.

The show opens Thursday April 23rd, 6-8pm, presentation at 7pm.  Complimentary wine will be available.

Gallery will be open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12-6pm, through May 20th.