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Showing the connection between his art and his clothing, this show explores the artistic side of designing clothes. Todd has owned his own clothing company, TTENDEN, for 5 years, and has shipped his clothes to eight different countries, and approximately 15 states here in the USA. He has also been showing his paintings and drawings for the last 15 years. He has travelled to Italy, England and all over the US. gathering ideas and collecting inspiration. His clothes are fresh, original and something you could wear every day. Some of Todd's influences are painter Paul Klee, artist Andy Warhol, draftsman M.C. Escher, & fashion designers Billy Reid, Otis James, Mociun, and Loomstate.

A clothing company focusing on lines, color, and movement.

TTENDEN'S main goal is to bring back the uniqueness in design. Designed and constructed in Grand Haven, Michigan, Todd Hancock started this small clothing company about 5 years ago, believing that people will search out the locally made clothing, and steer away from the sweatshops and mass produced "rack clothing." Each item is cut and made by hand, one at a time, and most are one of a kind. TTENDEN designs for men, women, children, and accessories. Most collections consist of casual everyday wear. Jeans, skirts, sweatshirts, dresses, and tops. Favorite materials used by TTENDEN are the natural fibers of linen, cotton, and wool, and also an array of vintage and recycled fabric.

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Todd Hancock is a self taught designer, with the exception of a flat pattern drafting class, and a Bespoke Tailoring apprenticeship. TTENDEN has been sold in eight different countries, and approximately 15 states here in the USA.