This was a gallery for 4 years. We had over 40 amazing shows of national and international artists. The same group now runs AAW. For any inquiries check out


Very Special Thanks to the Sponsor of This Show:

Grand Haven Artwalk


  • Ginny Lei 1st Place - The Giving Spirit
  • Barbara Carlson 2nd Place - Guardian Angel
  • Bob Walma 3rd Place - Hark, the Herald Reindeer Sing
  • Sean Sterzer
  • Andrew Jagniecki
  • Patricia Dee
  • Todd Hancock
  • Cat Boysen
  • Mike Coleman
  • Marc Hoeksema
  • James Rasmussen
  • Randy Smith
  • Marlan Cotner
  • Harrison Zost
  • Cecily Zost
  • Jennifer Protas
  • David Warmenhoven
  • Donna Chamberlin
  • Leigha Kenny
  • Angela Langlois
  • Kari Robbins
  • Jane Quirin
  • Robert Michmerhuizen
  • Mary Sundstrom
  • Maggie Clifford-Bandstra
  • Randy Bronkema
  • Jane Stoepker
  • Derek Johnson
  • Jeff Brin
  • Reb Roberts
  • Carmella Loftis
  • Tom Duimstra
  • Catherine McClung
  • Skye Gentle
  • Sheri Woodard
  • Melissa Closz
  • Linda Goss
  • Jennifer Rae Baker


The colors convey Christmas. The shapes signify the season. The unusual artworks featured at the Firebarn Gallery's "Juried Christmas Invitational, Non-traditional Christmas Imagery" exhibit-more than 30 in all-are overtly obscure.

According to Firebarn curator Chris Protas, the goal of the exhibit is to showcase a collection of mostly locally-produced pieces that invoke the feeling of Christmas without being too obvious.

"The show will contain art made by 25 to 30 local artists that is made with the holidays in mind, but with the idea of making it original. Original, but still recognizably Christmas," said Protas. "It's a show intended to get people to think about the season in a new or maybe a deeper way, and to be fun."

As the name suggests, Juried Christmas Invitational, Non-traditional Christmas Imagery is a competition, one sponsored by Grand Haven Artwalk. Mr. Protas will select the winning pieces and 3 cash prizes of $500, $300, and $100 will be awarded.