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Tri-Cities Historical Museum

The Fire Barn Gallery (18 North 5th Street, Grand Haven), hosted by Artwalk and the Grand Haven Main Street DDA, is announcing the opening of its latest show, "Cubism to Realism - Paintings by Tim Kurtz."

"... I was always intrigued by great paintings regardless of the period or style in which they were painted." - Tim Kurtz.

Tim Kurtz is an international artist. He has shown several times in Chicago, London, New York and Sri Lanka and has taught at the Art Institute of Chicago, and for two years he was the curator of Gallery X in Chicago.

When studying at the Art Institute of Chicago under Ray Yoshida, an important artist in the movement known as Chicago Imagism, Tim made abstract work. Recently he has started painting realistic scenes of the Civil War era.

When I walked into his studio I saw influences of Georges Braque, Joan Miro and Philip Guston in the abstract work and the influences of Gustave Courbet and Winslow Homer in his Civil War paintings. What struck me was the fluidity that Tim showed moving from one genre of painting to the other. I have never seen anyone do this with as much ease as he does.

He has held a studio in down town Grand Haven for the past 15 years. To walk into his studio is to walk into another world. Not only does Tim work in these two diverse styles but he seems to draw inspiration from places and times far away from Western Michigan. He is truly one of the hidden jewels in this community and someone that is very connected to the art outside of his own community. By showing Tim's paintings I think people in this area will get a real look at an international artist who is making work that is relevant in todays contemporary art world.

Tim receives regular commissions by institutions around the country and his work is in the collections of Herman Miller, the Gettysberg Museum, and The Prop Company in NYC among others.

This solo exhibition, curated by Chris Protas, will feature about 20 paintings by the artist. The opening reception is on Thursday, January 19th, from 6 to 9pm, and will include a gallery talk by the artist. The show will be up through February 4th, with gallery hours every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, from noon to 6 pm., and by appointment. More information is available on facebook at "The Fire Barn Gallery," and by email inquiry to